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Fervent Desire is a game being developed by a fourth year Games Dev student.

It's an arcade-like bullet hell aimed towards speed runners and lovers of challenge.

Inspirations are games similar to and including Enter the Gungeon and Furi.

You can experience the first two levels in this prototype demo and aim for a great high score!

Additionally, the game includes an Endless mode where enemies will spawn one after another in a randomly generated level.

Similarly to the speed-run high scores, a separate leader board is implemented for the Endless mode, fight and survive!

Feel free to post a screenshot of your record and compare with other players :)

Any feedback is welcome and valuable to the project going forward, hoping to make it the best game it can be.

To play simply download the zip file and run the executable!

Thank you all so much for your time.

You can contact me with any questions or feedback @SavLef

Game is being developed in GameMaker Studio 2.

Audio is done using DefleMask.

Future updates include:

More enemy types and abilities.

More bosses.

Varied level aesthetics.

Install instructions

Simply download the .zip file, extract all the contents in the same folder and run the .exe


Fervent Desire - 1.1.zip 5 MB

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